Labour’s leading Ralph Wiggum impersonator, Angela Eagle MP, has finally unleashed her campaign to run for leader of the Labour party much to the joy of social media.

The worst kept secret in politics, Wallasey’s MP has maintained her stoicism in the face of a pleading media circus already convinced that she would be challenging Corbyn. Whilst this isn’t ‘new’ news in and of itself, it’s interesting to see the mass revolt on social media within hours of her announcing her leadership campaign.

Some of the comments lining the MP’s social media page are below the belt or simply farcical, but it’s hard to feel too sorry for someone who openly lied about their intentions to run. A camp who purchased various (unambiguous) domain names – that now redirect to her campaign page – long before she actually voiced her intentions.


Massively outnumbering the more callous messages are commenters who continue to vocally support Corbyn. Whilst it’s tantamount to spamming, the range of comments & hashtags are impressive in both, scope and creativity.


For the most part the message is clear, respect the mandate. I don’t necessarily believe there is much use in Corbyn ruling the Labour party but this ‘coup’ has been an exercise in wasting money. Corbyn was elected by the party membership with an overwhelming majority and those people are still militantly pro-Corbyn. It’s highly likely that the result will be the same, if not more in Corbyn’s favour should Labour go ahead with this leadership squabble.

If Corbyn is – as often bandied about by those who don’t like him – unelectable in a general election, on the grounds that he lacks leadership, why would Labour opt for Eagle? Who, lest we forget, finished third in the deputy “leadership” contest about ten months ago. A successful coup with a strong personality leading it could well have been indicative of a new strong leader to challenge Corbyn but, in Eagle, you have the protagonist from a budget Shakespearean drama. Too cowardly to take power face on and lacking the personality to get the electorate onboard in any meaningful way.

There is some truth to the idea that the wider public and centralist voters might not agree with Corbyn come a general election but Labour really have to address other, more pressing issues within their party. Factors such as the loss of Scotland as Labour stronghold (and potentially as a country within the UK) or immigration as a working class concern – fundamentally these are more detrimental to Labour’s election hopes.

Whatever your viewpoint on the referendum, it’s clear that now more than ever the country needs strong leaders. With most of the team behind the Leave campaign committing Harakari, Labour had a chance of – at the very least – looking credible at the end of all this. Now they’re in a state of turmoil and arguing loud enough to ensure that everybody knows it.

Angela Eagle, good luck and thanks for launching the alternative #votecorbyn facebook fanpage – – but if you’re going to go full-MacBeth, don’t use a plastic spoon as your weapon of choice.

Managed Decline reached out for a comment from the Eagle camp but has yet to hear back. Any response will be added to the piece.