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Christopher Watson

Cartoon @ Jeff Gardner

The Arbiter  •  March 7, 2014

An Ode To Jake Bugg; The Biggest Prick In Music

Once upon a time, on another pure grey morning, Jake Bugg left his house in Sherwood Forrest (or wherever the fuck). He was on the way to buy a new capo so he could start writing his critically acclaimed debut album, when all of a sudden; he walked straight into the path of a lightening…


The Arbiter  •  October 31, 2013

James Blunt-Blake Wins The Mercury Prize

James Blake won the Mercury prize. I guess now he’s officially made it. And he has enough money now to buy a 12 reg focus ST-1, which will be good for when he’s cruising back to his mansion on the street where all previous Mercury Prize winners live. He’s gonna be lending some sugar from…


Music  •  October 28, 2013

Drone Logic

From the outset, Daniel Avery’s album washes over you like an early morning shower, if the water pouring over you was Red Bull straight from the heifer’s teat. Its like a carefully constructed mix in the sense that it pulls you along for the ride and you just kind of cling on to its Falcor-esque…

defence of miley

The Arbiter  •  October 16, 2013

In Defence Of Miley Cyrus

Fuck Miley Cyrus, right? Before this year no young pop star had ever done anything in the least bit sexual ever. Maybe behind closed doors, but never in the pursuit of selling more records. They kept it between them and their life partners, didn’t they? The pre-Vevo era was one of long skirts and pious…