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David Weaver


Music  •  April 5, 2014

Threshold 2014

This is your correspondent’s second time at the Threshold Festival, and he’s found the experience to be slightly befuddling as well as highly entertaining. The Festival takes place amid Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, a loose collection of converted warehouses which by day serves local industry. During the day it’s a place where web-design companies rub shoulders…


Music  •  September 30, 2013

Curation, Curation, Curation

It’s Friday night and I’m being whipped by the wind as I put my tent up in a lonely corner of a field. The trek from the campsite, into Portmerion feels far too long in the grim rain. Fortunately the weather lifts by the time I reach the village. This is a festival that exists in a dream-state. There’s some synesthesic…