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Holly Green

emily rose

Gender Trouble  •  January 10, 2014

Why Do Women Always Die First?

Within the horror genre, misogyny thrives. Women are scream-fodder. They die first, die worst, scream loudest. They are raped and impregnated by Satan and his various henchmen; they are stalked by demons; in their infancy, they are kidnapped by legion malicious spirits; in their nubile early twenties, they are picked off with delicious relish by…


The Self  •  September 16, 2013

Post-Disney Sexual Anarchy

For the past few weeks, no news forum – paper or electronic – has been free of the rumours of Miley Cyrus’s impending collapse into sexual anarchy. From the gossip pages of The Sun (which is, come to think of it, most of The Sun’s pages) to the more genteel corners of The Guardian blogs,…