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Isaac Simpson


The Revolutionary  •  November 12, 2013

Going Postal

“We built this nation to serve its people. We want to grow, but we want progress to be the servant and not the master of man. A great society asks not how much, but how good. Not only how fast we’re going but where we’re heading.” – Lyndon Johnson By now you can set your…


The Beaten Track  •  November 5, 2013

How To Find Eazy-E’s Grave

In 2012 Eazy-E’s 28 year old son Eric Wright Jr. told TMZ that his father’s grave had been desecrated. The area was littered, he complained, with “empty beer bottles and “marijuana cigarette butts.” A year previous, in 2011, Eric Wright Jr., made a public statement about his desire to play his father in New Line Cinema’s upcoming NWA…


Gender Trouble  •  November 5, 2013

Banksy Versus Hayden Panettiere

The above two images make the same basic statement about corporatocracy. Here’s Hayden Panettiere enjoyin some of Burger King’s new satisfries, just totally at random.   How weird that a paparazzi would catch her at such a photogenic moment. The media and Panettiere’s publicist say that she just enjoys the fries, and isn’t getting paid…


The Arbiter  •  October 28, 2013

GG Allin: The Last Samurai

A brief tribute to the Punk Rockest Man of all time, GG Allin. GG’s was a voice 100% opposed to the civilized world. If society was white, he was black. He viewed our rules not as saviors, but as detriments to happiness. This is a man who ate shit on stage, and I don’t mean…

stockholm syndrome

The Beaten Track  •  August 16, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome

I got arrested for being drunk in Sweden. What the hell I thought they didn’t have rules. The people of Stockholm are clean. Square. Securely within the lines. When you arrive, a crash course in Swedish street-walking awaits you. Fuck up, and you will be punished. I was heckled by no less than four furious…


The Revolutionary  •  August 2, 2013

Tickets To The Gun Show

Just how easy is it to get lethal? We have a problem with guns in United States. However, it’s not clear what, exactly, we should do about it. Ban guns? Impossible. Incarcerate offenders? Clearly not working. Making guns harder to acquire seems like the only rational choice. As a practical matter, I wondered, “How easy…