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Katy Murphy


Art  •  August 12, 2016

Shooting Punks (Francesco Mellina Interview)

Francesco Mellina was the eyes of Liverpool’s music scene during the precious era of punk, new wave and early electronica at the city’s legendary diamond hard, rough cut gig venues. Photographing almost every major band and its followers of the time, and managing Dead Or Alive, he paved his way as one of the primary…


Made-up Stuff  •  July 27, 2016

Just Enough Education To Perform

The school mistress: “Think long and hard about what you’re going to write unless you want a greater dissection into the subject later on.” I’ll continue; the white supremacist drill sergeant in my dream who admitted last night has a small security firm in the Netherlands, is funnier than I am at the moment and…


The Revolutionary  •  January 26, 2015

As Queer As A Clockwork Orange

Were the words Anthony Burgess overheard in a London pub before WW1. They fascinated him with the strange image of a mechanism powering a living being and how the internal cogs of people are artificially engineered too. What followed post-war was one of the most influential and empathetic novels about the conflict of freewill. Later,…


The Self  •  November 27, 2014

Su’in Dressed As Lamb

In any major fashion city originality comes alike en masse. To further the idea that Japanese culture tends to take the most garish forms of aesthetics and push the styling beyond the boundaries of taste, creating by proxy, an image that misses the point entirely but instead makes its own out of sheer extremity, then…


Music  •  October 30, 2014

Change Places! – Alpha Male Tea Party

Three crazed, very talented Scouse grizzlies have booted further through to the heavier side of something like post-thrash-anti-mathcore. Tumbling down the spiral staircase of Shipping Forecast, I felt that the perpetual inward twist didn’t stop when I reached the bottom, instead melded into the madhatter’s ejaculate of Alpha Male Tea Party. With all the unexpected changes…


Talkies  •  April 30, 2014

Antiviral (Saturday Girl Administered Botox)

What merchandising possibility does the future hold for exploiting society’s most lucrative disease? In this extreme vision of endorsement, infection itself is up for sale. Imitation isn’t enough. Punters want a piece of their idols housed within them. A white clinic, glowing with sterile promises, supplies injections of patent protected celebrity illnesses. A bioengineering underground…


Talkies  •  April 24, 2014

Random Acts Of Violence (Everyone’s A Hipstocrite)

“A unique satirical serial killer mockumentary slash social commentary of the infested creative scene, like. An upbeat, snarling piece of pretentiousness. If you get it, you’re in the gang. If you don’t, you deserve to die. Five stars!“– Jiminy Cricket I have always buzzed off fly-on-the-wall films, and the staged reality ‘mockumentary’ is a genre…


Conjecture  •  March 21, 2014

The Penny Drops

I’m trying to understand lure of the fruit machine. To stand at attention like an undead soldier, jamming in coin after coin, seems a pointless way to spend your time and coinage. The old school bleeps I’m hearing are repeating in perfect climaxing patterns as an old woman is transfixed on the blinking blag box….

manson edit

Conjecture  •  March 6, 2014

Translating Manson

Who loves a good riddle? I couldn’t help but have a go deciphering this cryptic message from possibly the most recognised madman in modern history. So, it seems Charles Manson has finally grown tired of that little boy, Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson), running around like a big silly, using the Lord’s name in vain….