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Spencer Montagu


Up North  •  July 14, 2016

IPCC To Investigate Death Of Black Teenager Detained By Police

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched a formal investigation into the death of a young black male – name yet to be released. The police were called to Liverpool One yesterday evening, upon unconfirmed reports that the 18 year old was carrying a knife and acting in a ‘erratic and aggressive’ manner. By the time…


Up North  •  July 11, 2016

Angela Eagle MP… Good Luck

Labour’s leading Ralph Wiggum impersonator, Angela Eagle MP, has finally unleashed her campaign to run for leader of the Labour party much to the joy of social media. The worst kept secret in politics, Wallasey’s MP has maintained her stoicism in the face of a pleading media circus already convinced that she would be challenging Corbyn. Whilst…


On Stage  •  July 5, 2016

Fringe Previews – Unity Theatre

Across three days – 21-23 July – Liverpool’s Unity Theatre will play host to some leading comics on their run up to the Edinburgh Fringe. This preview season has become a staple of Unity’s summer programming, offering us a chance to see some of the country’s best acts before they go to the comedic marathon…

Africa Oyé 2015 (1)

Culture  •  June 17, 2016

Africa Oyé – Let’s All Go ‘av A Bevvy In The Park

Coming this weekend (18th & 19th June) to that park we all like to have a bevvy in… Africa Oyé. The organisers have done an excellent job of developing this festival from a handful of city centre gigs to the country’s biggest free celebration of African and Caribbean music & culture. They have built a festival…

Vietnam xenophile

Dissenters  •  June 11, 2016

Love Not Hate: I Am A Xenophile

Sitting, eating alone surrounded by Thai people, I begin racking my brain at what the opposite of a racist is, when naturally the answer is… Just normal. Not sure why it comes to mind but I just feel more comfortable here than I would eating alone at home (which doesn’t really phase me either). But…


Culture  •  June 11, 2016

Native Kings to Rock The Magnet

Native Kings, are set to play The Magnet tomorrow – 15/06/2016. Over the last few years, the band have been honing their style and since the release of their single Piece of Me they’ve been making significant waves in Liverpool’s music scene. A cross between Muse (when they were still interesting), a band whose name escapes…


Conjecture  •  June 8, 2016

Undemocratic EU? More Like Feckless MEPs…

“The EU is undemocratic bureaucrats deciding everyone’s future without consent or control.” There is a long argument to be had with many things in this composite statement of peoples’ feeling towards the EU, notably the anti-democratic area. If you believe, Britain, with it’s bizarre first past the post system of voting is truly democratic then…

Meta - Top Gear

Culture  •  May 30, 2016

Top Gear: Top Guurr

With a day planned vrooming (I’m having it as a verb) it around mountainous Northern Thailand, I decided – out of relevance coupled with morbid curiosity – to watch the new Top Gear. I dare anyone to look away from an impending car crash and anticipating a car crash I was. I buckled down with…

Stealing Sheep Saigon

Music  •  April 30, 2016

A Version Of You Is Following Me Around – Stealing Sheep In Saigon

I always knew they were secret communists, but then who isn’t in Liverpool? Stealing Sheep are no strangers to psychedelia and surrealism with a host of Kazimier themed nights under their belts [see – leotards], but tonight [29/04/2016], these three ladies delivered their most surreal performance to date flanked by the Vietnamese flag and the…

The Kop - Hillsborough

The Fan  •  April 27, 2016

Can We Now Start Talking About Safe Standing?

  I’ve been holding out publishing this for a few months. Not knowing whether any time would be relevant or – more importantly – appropriate for such an article. Now, learning of the vindication of the 96, the campaigners and the people of our city as a whole it finally seems fitting. We should be immensely…