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Yvonne Tomorrow-Satan


Up North  •  November 11, 2016

Thumb Off In Jiffy Accident

A factory worker was left needing skin grafts after the packaging company he worked for failed to take adequate measures to prevent access to dangerous parts of machinery. Jiffy Packaging Company Limited, which produces packaging for the food industry and stationery products, was found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court last week after an investigation by the Health…


The Revolutionary  •  August 6, 2014

Does Israel Fund The History Channel?

With another ceasefire declared we can all get back to not really paying much attention to the plight of the Palestinians, stateless, oppressed and living under constant siege. There must be something else to watch? I’m glad actually, as the familiar footage of schools being bombed and displaced civilians bloodied and upset was starting to make me…

melt main

Music  •  August 6, 2014

Melt! 2014

Very rarely in life do you get the opportunity to utter the words, ‘I’ve just spent the weekend dancing on a beach, in an abandoned mine next to a lake’, but such is Melt! festivals charm it transforms into this geological anomaly so completely it feels like you’re an extra at a disco in a Mad Max film. Monstrous machines…