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burlesque cartoon

On Stage  •  August 19, 2013  •  by Nasreen Hasan

Girls With Balls

This has been no ordinary Tuesday or Thursday night at 81 Renshaw. No sir’ree. For the last ten weeks ten girls have been learning how to embrace Burlesque by twenty two year old Mimi Amore. Girls with balls were here. The final performance was indeed a delight. Claps and cheers were randily provoked and encouraged…


Music  •  August 3, 2013  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Nozstock 2013

My attendance at Nozstock was confirmed under the strict predication that such a show existed that involved men wanking over each other to a soundtrack of, You’ll Never Walk Alone. Funny in itself, this was the ONLY reason I found myself in a cramped car on the way down to Staffordshire. It’s a steep site, which…

Benjamin Damage & his weird ghost face

Music  •  July 28, 2013  •  by sneak Beats

MELT! 2013

Having been to MELT! Festival several years ago, I thought I knew what to expect of the site layout and the general atmosphere of the festival. What I didn’t expect was to once again be gob-smacked by the spectacular landscape of epic mining machinery, car-sized disco balls and 30 foot fire jets. In retrospect, I…

Parklife 2013 Photo

Music  •  July 9, 2013  •  by James Wilson

Parklife Weekender 2013

If you are reading this festival review now, and you couldn’t imagine sun ever emerging from the gloomy clouds above, then you think I may have taken some loopy medicine for the day. Indeed, this had the perfect Balearic sunshine for this two-day festival! On the face of it, I was excited about the parklife…

gallery one

Art  •  June 10, 2013  •  by Stephen Delahunty

The Art Of Pop

The Art of Pop Video exhibition at FACT claims to explore the transformative power of the pop video on popular culture. Indeed, popular culture is often stigmatised as being the bastard child of ‘high’ culture spurned by the upper classes arrogance but championed by those who seek to defy the contemporary agents of cultural hegemony….