Managed Decline sat down with the ladies behind one of Liverpool’s newest comedy nights, Laughter Locker, in advance of their November event.

Northern Irish native, Cash Boyle, & East Midlands girl, Kate Jackson, have come together to create one of the city’s newest and most exciting comedy nights. Set in the atmospheric basement bar, Kabinett, amongst chesterfields and an extensive cheese & wine list, Laughter Locker is a monthly comedy night born out of this year’s Liverpool Comedy Festival. Having met through comedy nights in the city, the two ladies took it upon themselves to create something new and of their own. I met up with them briefly and found out a little more.

The Interview

The city’s comedy scene is growing exponentially with new gigs popping up on an almost nightly basis and one of the city’s largest promotors developing their own full-time venue. I asked them both why they wanted to set up something new, what they thought they could offer which hasn’t already being done.

“Personally it’s always been an ambition of mine. Kate may have a different answer, but I have always wanted to cross it off my list. It’s the best way to consistently see new talent emerge in the city and beyond, and it allows me to remain involved in the scene despite not being able to gig regularly due to work. So for me it was a no-brainer.”

With regards to offering something new, Cash continued;

“It is already a populated market, but Kate and I wanted to add something with a real female presence. It’s no secret that comedy is gender disproportionate, and I feel we both wanted to attempt to rectify that balance.”

Cash Boyle (Left) Kate Jackson (Right)

[Kabinett] has some dead comfy sofas and sells cheese…

Kate reiterated a similar point. Coupled with her love for organising events, she wanted to provide a platform for female comedians to excel.

“Our aim is to ensure we have at least 2 female comedians each month, if not more. We’re not being sexist or bias, we would just like to create a good solid platform for new or more established female acts which ensures you don’t feel like a minority when gigging. I find I usually do much better when there’s another female there, I suppose perhaps I feel less pressured.”

Furthermore, Kate insisted that, “our venue has some dead comfy sofas and sells cheese…” which is certainly a boon over some of the more traditional venues in Liverpool.

I asked both where they saw the night progressing in the coming year. Growth and stability for Laughter Locker is vital in Cash’s eyes;

“In a year we want to be able to pay our acts, and be profitable enough to do that. We’re also in the process of buying our own equipment, as at the moment Becky Brookfield from The Lemon Collective is kind enough to lend us their stuff.” 

Kate emphasised the importance of the collective;

“The Lemon Collective are a fantastic group of local artists that do everything from light installations, spoken word and escape rooms. They are certainly worth keeping your eyes peeled for.”

Both Kate & Cash spoke about how they planned to expand in the next couple of months. A key aim, they proclaimed, was to build a relationship between the comedy societies in the city’s two main universities and engage with the student community. Kate has even conceived of an idea to set up a sort of comedy battle between the comedy societies of the University of Liverpool & LJMU.

Attempting to sum up Laughter Locker (now and moving forward), Cash put it quite succinctly –
“We’re night you talk about fondly on your way to the top.”


Finally before making tracks, I asked them who inspired them comedically and who excited them on the local scene.

Cash – “In terms of my icons, I’m quite fussy when it comes to comics. My belief is that the best style of humour is good old fashioned anecdotal and observational comedy. To that end, I really like James Acaster, Kevin Bridges and Bridget Christie. I’m also a huge fan of Hugh Dennis. In terms of local act, I love Katie Tracey. I think she’s hysterical, as I do Keith Carter. Lee Hithersay as Terry Arlarse is also hilarious.”

Kate – “TV comedians has to be Dara O’Brien, Katherine Ryan, Victoria Wood and Robin Williams. On the local scene, I would highly recommend Jackie Hagan, Stephanie Laing, Adam Staunton and, of course, Mr Paul Smith… easily the most likeable person on the Liverpool comedy circuit.”

We’re night you talk about fondly on your way to the top.

Get down to Laughter Locker at Kabinett this Tuesday (29/11/2016)