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The Arbiter

Joe King copy2

The Arbiter  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Kev McCready

The 800lb Gorilla

I love art. When I arrive in a new city, I check the shower works in my hotel and bin the piss-poor Twinings tea by the kettle. Then, I find out where the nearest gallery is. I’ve spent a whole day checking out The Prado in Madrid, marvelling at a variety of pictures; generally only…


The Arbiter  •  December 29, 2014  •  by Stephen Delahunty

2001: Homer’s Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s epic sci-fi is perhaps one of the greatest ever made, a space opera of decadent proportions that wrestles with the tragedy of contemporary civilisation. Written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, it was partially inspired by Clarke’s short story ‘The Sentinel’. Clarke, concurrently wrote the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey which was published soon…

tentacle lord tentacles tentacle rape hard nipples panties underwear anime girl hentai

The Arbiter  •  November 10, 2014  •  by David Hazlewood

Why Tentacle Porn Should Be A Legitimate Art Form

At Managed Decline, we’ve always endorsed the murky depths of tentacle porn, but usually in the form of poetry as not to offend middle management types who distribute funding to start-up businesses. Now, with funding secured coupled with a pragmatic acknowledgement that our tentacle based pieces have some of the highest views on the website, it’s time we give credit…

A Giant Waste of Time

The Arbiter  •  August 3, 2014  •  by Daniel Pearce

A Giant Waste Of Time Ft. Nicki Minaj

With impressive engineering skills and little imagination from the creators of the now ubiquitous Liverpool Giants, the past week saw thousands of people scuttling to Liverpool City Centre to crane their necks and stand mouth agape, in child-like wonder at something quite big. Yes big, not giant, not mind-dwarfingly huge or even remotely towering. Yet…

Do these glasses make me look smug?

The Arbiter  •  April 8, 2014  •  by Daniel Pearce

Shut Your Facebook; A Self-indulgent Mess

Depending on your broadcast predilections, I like to believe that television can be a resource of cultural and topical information, much of which is broadcast on BBC 1 & BBC2. Insightful programming that provides an educational experience and enriches your worldly knowledge as much as any book. At the other end of the spectrum is…


The Arbiter  •  March 15, 2014  •  by Adam Greenwood

Not Content With Ruining Music, Simon Cowell Moves Onto Christmas

Up until a few minutes ago I didn’t have a fucking clue who Sam Bailey was. A quick scan of Youtube and I find a nauseating video of a somewhat witchy looking woman, briefly warbling and shrieking her way through a piece of music that epitomises insipidness and general lack of balls. Okay, Sam Bailey is female, but you see what I mean. But let’s…


The Arbiter  •  March 15, 2014  •  by Bob Hartley

The James Arthur Debacle

James Arthur, in case the name rings a bell but you’re not sure, is some guy from Middlesborough who won X Factor once after years of struggling as an unsigned singer in America and, as this story suggests, a rapper from Croydon. His claim to fame is winning X Factor, which you may well call…


The Arbiter  •  March 15, 2014  •  by Rhys Esco Evergreen Lockhart

The Hip Hocrisy

From the revolutionary beginnings of the highly politicised Public Enemy to the more image led RnB style artists of recent times, hip hop has led its listeners on a journey that has changed the face of modern culture as we know it. However the genre in its current form seems a million miles away from the rebellious street poetry that was once…

Cartoon @ Jeff Gardner

The Arbiter  •  March 7, 2014  •  by Christopher Watson

An Ode To Jake Bugg; The Biggest Prick In Music

Once upon a time, on another pure grey morning, Jake Bugg left his house in Sherwood Forrest (or wherever the fuck). He was on the way to buy a new capo so he could start writing his critically acclaimed debut album, when all of a sudden; he walked straight into the path of a lightening…


The Arbiter  •  February 27, 2014  •  by Daniel Pearce

Netflix Syndrome – An Alternative to Television

Like a lot of people these days, I don’t watch television anymore. I watch Netflix. If you don’t know what Netflix is, it’s a bit like Blockbuster, except it still exists, and you don’t have to leave the house to pick up something to watch, or even have a life. In fact, a singular reliance…