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Echo Chamber

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Echo Chamber  •  March 25, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Revealed: The Echo’s Food Coverage As Tedious As The Rest Of Its Coverage

Yesterday, I scoured the Liverpool Echo and saw this: “Revealed: Liverpool’s favourite takeaway pizza” Firstly, we have to be dealing with one of the most brazen misuse of the term ‘revealed’. Stick to using it for political intrigue, Echo, or – if you must – telling us how you’ve revealed that ‘X’ region of Liverpool is…


Echo Chamber  •  January 25, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Pro-Trident Scaremongering In The Echo

The Liverpool Echo yesterday revealed the ground breaking details of its investigation into what would happen if North Korea dropped a nuclear bomb on the city. We’re somewhat used to fear-based clickbait in the national press, yet the city’s regional paper seems immune from the same scrutiny. The article states: “North Korean officials claimed to have successfully…

Liverpool Mayor edit

Echo Chamber  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Is It Time To Boycott The Liverpool Echo?

While the press in the UK is free from government interference, it’s become increasingly controlled by a small number of shadowy politically motivated individuals, the kind who would rather you gawped at a giant mechanical spider, than wonder what else they could’ve spent that money on. The city’s local tabloid is the Liverpool Echo. On…


Echo Chamber  •  December 20, 2013  •  by Spencer Montagu

Goodbye Old Timer

Yesterday marked the end of The Liverpool Daily Post, as it closes its doors after a 158 year publishing history. This line will undoubtedly be repeated throughout the city this week, with air of mourning. For many, the symbolic 158 years, seems to represent the largest cause for sadness rather than the paper’s genuinely interesting…