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Gender Trouble


Gender Trouble  •  February 14, 2016  •  by Daisy Williams

What Is PMDD?

Here I am, in a Carcraft car park, somewhere off the M56. I am not entirely sure of how I got here. All I know is that somewhere along the familiar journey from Liverpool to Wales, returning home for a family sojourn I distractedly missed a turn off, and the rest unravelled from there. I…

emily rose

Gender Trouble  •  January 10, 2014  •  by Holly Green

Why Do Women Always Die First?

Within the horror genre, misogyny thrives. Women are scream-fodder. They die first, die worst, scream loudest. They are raped and impregnated by Satan and his various henchmen; they are stalked by demons; in their infancy, they are kidnapped by legion malicious spirits; in their nubile early twenties, they are picked off with delicious relish by…


Gender Trouble  •  November 8, 2013  •  by Iona Johnson

Scouseness – Conditioned At Birth

When I left home to become a student at the University of Sheffield last year I didn’t consider myself  particularly scouse. I didn’t think my accent represented the city very well and I have never even owned a set of rollers. I left the city expecting to feel homesick for my family and my cat…


Gender Trouble  •  November 5, 2013  •  by Isaac Simpson

Banksy Versus Hayden Panettiere

The above two images make the same basic statement about corporatocracy. Here’s Hayden Panettiere enjoyin some of Burger King’s new satisfries, just totally at random.   How weird that a paparazzi would catch her at such a photogenic moment. The media and Panettiere’s publicist say that she just enjoys the fries, and isn’t getting paid…