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Members of Occupy Wall Street stage a pr

The Revolutionary  •  October 17, 2013  •  by Sarah Connon-Griffiths

The Education Scam

I won’t lie, I was a bit of a know-it-all in school. I was top of my class in every subject and I could have wallpapered my teenage bedroom with gold stars if I’d ever felt that way inclined. I got into a good high school, managed to bag myself a few decent A Levels…

chilli sauce

The Self  •  October 17, 2013  •  by Christian Loggins

Asian Sauce, African Spiced Rice, And The Myth Of Intent

The following is an attempt to tackle the myth of racist intent, and why it is false to believe that racism needs intent.  The other day I entered the restaurant portion of a performing arts establishment and one of the menu items was chicken fritters in Asian sauce. My eyes nearly popped out of my…


The Self  •  October 17, 2013  •  by Christian Loggins

Miley Cyrus & The Spectacular Appropriation Of Ratchet Culture

After watching the VMA performance of Miley Cyrus, I can’t say I was too surprised. For a while now Miley Cyrus has been appropriating ratchet culture – an ideology birthed in urban America. What did surprise me was the myopic nature of the wave of backlash and criticism this performance elicited. First, many commentators who…

defence of miley

The Arbiter  •  October 16, 2013  •  by Christopher Watson

In Defence Of Miley Cyrus

Fuck Miley Cyrus, right? Before this year no young pop star had ever done anything in the least bit sexual ever. Maybe behind closed doors, but never in the pursuit of selling more records. They kept it between them and their life partners, didn’t they? The pre-Vevo era was one of long skirts and pious…


The Revolutionary  •  October 15, 2013  •  by Gracie Dixon

Conservación Patagonica: A Closer Look At Conservation

I worked at Patagonia as a sales associate for about five months, at its Santa Monica and Manhattan stores. Everything about the company, which makes high-end outdoor clothing and gear, has a strong environmental spin. The brand was started by surfers and rock-climbers in the 1960’s to provide long-lasting products that help people enjoy the…


The Arbiter  •  October 15, 2013  •  by Gracie Dixon

Art vs. Exhibitionism: The Instagram Aesthetic

By now, many people have had the experience of taking a picture for a friend, then five minutes later looking at their phone and seeing that picture on the internet. This instantaneous posting phenomenon used to be limited to Facebook. Now it has migrated to Instagram. For over 50 years photography has been ingrained in…


The Self  •  September 16, 2013  •  by Holly Green

Post-Disney Sexual Anarchy

For the past few weeks, no news forum – paper or electronic – has been free of the rumours of Miley Cyrus’s impending collapse into sexual anarchy. From the gossip pages of The Sun (which is, come to think of it, most of The Sun’s pages) to the more genteel corners of The Guardian blogs,…

stockholm syndrome

The Beaten Track  •  August 16, 2013  •  by Isaac Simpson

Stockholm Syndrome

I got arrested for being drunk in Sweden. What the hell I thought they didn’t have rules. The people of Stockholm are clean. Square. Securely within the lines. When you arrive, a crash course in Swedish street-walking awaits you. Fuck up, and you will be punished. I was heckled by no less than four furious…


The Revolutionary  •  August 2, 2013  •  by Isaac Simpson

Tickets To The Gun Show

Just how easy is it to get lethal? We have a problem with guns in United States. However, it’s not clear what, exactly, we should do about it. Ban guns? Impossible. Incarcerate offenders? Clearly not working. Making guns harder to acquire seems like the only rational choice. As a practical matter, I wondered, “How easy…