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The Beaten Track

Vietnam xenophile

Dissenters  •  June 11, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Love Not Hate: I Am A Xenophile

Sitting, eating alone surrounded by Thai people, I begin racking my brain at what the opposite of a racist is, when naturally the answer is… Just normal. Not sure why it comes to mind but I just feel more comfortable here than I would eating alone at home (which doesn’t really phase me either). But…

beautiful south welsh streets

The Beaten Track  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Spencer Montagu

It Could Be Rotterdam Or Anywhere

As GVmag, we were often labelled anti-Liverpool, a tradition we’re set to keep up with Managed Decline. Except for Anti-Liverpool is the wrong term, isn’t it? It’s fierce pride, manifested in a want for improvements rather than simply tattooing a Liverbird on to a sagging left breast and harking back to past glories. It’s accepting…


The Beaten Track  •  November 5, 2013  •  by Isaac Simpson

How To Find Eazy-E’s Grave

In 2012 Eazy-E’s 28 year old son Eric Wright Jr. told TMZ that his father’s grave had been desecrated. The area was littered, he complained, with “empty beer bottles and “marijuana cigarette butts.” A year previous, in 2011, Eric Wright Jr., made a public statement about his desire to play his father in New Line Cinema’s upcoming NWA…

stockholm syndrome

The Beaten Track  •  August 16, 2013  •  by Isaac Simpson

Stockholm Syndrome

I got arrested for being drunk in Sweden. What the hell I thought they didn’t have rules. The people of Stockholm are clean. Square. Securely within the lines. When you arrive, a crash course in Swedish street-walking awaits you. Fuck up, and you will be punished. I was heckled by no less than four furious…