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The Fan

The Firm cast showing off their clobber.

The Fan  •  November 20, 2016  •  by Oliver Burnley

Football Casuals – Anything But

My sincerest apologies for this blatant stereotype, it is solely intended for explanatory purposes. First and foremost, the lad’s footwear; the Adidas Samba, to a Scouse lad, is what Jordan’s are to any basketball fan – unquestionably essential. Hopeless analogies aside, the widespread popularity of brands such as Adidas and Ellesse (represented by the lairy…

The Kop - Hillsborough

The Fan  •  April 27, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Can We Now Start Talking About Safe Standing?

  I’ve been holding out publishing this for a few months. Not knowing whether any time would be relevant or – more importantly – appropriate for such an article. Now, learning of the vindication of the 96, the campaigners and the people of our city as a whole it finally seems fitting. We should be immensely…


The Fan  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Kev McCready


‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’. – LP Hartley. Like most people in Liverpool, I can remember where I was when they won the Champions League in 2005.  Due to poor booking skills and a dire need for a holiday, I was in my hotel room in Berlin.  I watched open-mouthed,…

A portrait of Stan Collymore

The Fan  •  June 24, 2014  •  by Stephen Delahunty

In Defence Of Stan Collymore

A tweet by football pundit Stan Collymore over the weekend prompted a poll by the Liverpool Echo after some people were offended. The ‘offensive’ tweet read: “Falklands? Wasn’t anyone’s. We just thieved it, as we do.”  The tweet prompted a silent protest outside talkSPORT HQ by veterans of the conflict who were offended by his historical…

By Jeff Gardner

The Fan  •  May 13, 2014  •  by Neil Whitehead

Greg Dyke Simulates Innovation

More than six months ago Greg Dyke, the newish chairman of the FA donned a red cape and assembled a group of fellow footballing superheroes in an effort to defeat the many villains of the English national team. But there was nothing superhuman about the conclusions drawn up by the commission. If anything Dyke’s Sky…

anelka new

The Fan  •  February 8, 2014  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Footballer Has Opinion

I’d been largely bored of Adolf Anelka-gate despite how the outrage spun over from the terraces to the media, to politicians and back again like a disapproving whirlwind. Now the French comedian involved, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala is banned from entering the UK. What exactly are we being protected from? Am sure most football fans had no idea…


The Fan  •  February 5, 2014  •  by Daniel Pearce

Left To Right From Reading Of Joys The

Comic books have long been the domain of the ‘Geek’. A term which, in its most recent incarnation, denotes a socially-inept creature capable of maintaining its virtue well into its forties’. This not so Golden-age of the ‘Geek’ however, has been assuaged at least in part by the success of big-budget blockbuster adaptions, that have…