Our mates at Hot Water Comedy Club are close to opening Liverpool’s first purpose-built comedy venue running 7 nights a week.

The new venue, located on Seel Street, will be a massive boost to the city’s comedy scene from a promoter that has already put a fair bit of graft. The promoters aim to open this side of Christmas 2016.

Originally operating across multiple venues in the city, this new space will allow them to become more creative and supportive of the city’s comedy scene. The venue will have a new 156 seat performance space on which a host of established and brand new nights will take place. The brothers intend to go beyond just a performance space and bar. A restaurant is planned and a host of community programmes have been lined up.

Launched by two brothers, Binty & Paul Blair, Hot Water Comedy has been in operation for over 6 years. It has helped bring leading talent to the city as well as develop hundreds of local acts. They have supported local talent with a host of new acts nights as well as training courses.

“It’s so exciting to be bringing something like this to my home town of Liverpool” said co-founder Paul Blair, “It’s the first time the city’s had a venue that’s a full-time comedy club. I believe we can go on to become one of the largest comedy promoters in the country.”


Whilst they’ve secured funding for the venue and are on track to opening in December, Hot Water Comedy have set up a Kickstarter. The extra funding will be used to build on their community support programmes.

The hope is for the new venue to play host to; green screens, recording booths, training, writing courses and more. Allowing the club to cover comedy in a broader sense and help writers and podcasters have a way to pursue their goals too alongside the stand ups.

Elder brother Binty commented ‘When we were planning the new venue, obviously our first thought were to get the performance space right, but the we just kept having ideas, podcast booths, green screens, photo studios, writing workshops, all great things which will help us to give anyone interested in creating comedy a chance to do so. This has also been the way we have approached stand up and that approach has been really successful so far. So it seemed like the next logical step to provide all this extra good stuff’.

Check them out. If you’ve got nothing to give, fine, but share it. If you’ve never been, get down to their Wednesday night shows in the Jacaranda or their Sunday night shows in the Holiday Inn (whilst they’re still there). These two nights are running until the end of the month before restarting early next year. They’re both great (and free/cheap) introductions to the world of stand-up comedy.