With another ceasefire declared we can all get back to not really paying much attention to the plight of the Palestinians, stateless, oppressed and living under constant siege. There must be something else to watch?

I’m glad actually, as the familiar footage of schools being bombed and displaced civilians bloodied and upset was starting to make me feel a bit depressed, but mostly outraged at how morally bankrupt the entire world seems to be. I wonder sometimes whether half the images have just been recycled from the last time Israel upheld it’s right to ‘self-defence’. It’s a bit like watching a film about an Orwellian dystopia on the anniversary of the last time it was on.

The debate is so emotionally charged that any whisper of the word genocide, is so politically loaded and usually followed closely by accusations of being anti-Semitic. Yet, it not so surprisingly fits the description of what is happening to the Palestinian people.

Still I find it hard to take anyone seriously who doesn’t support the Palestinian cause. I can be against the actions of the state of Israel without being anti-Semitic. I shouldn’t even have to say that really. The peace process is largely a joke and seems intractable considering one side thinks its OK to bomb the civilian infrastructure of the other – while extending their own further into the occupied territories. Meanwhile, our world leaders line-up releasing strongly worded statements condemning Israel’s actions on the one hand while signing arms deals with the other.

Israel is actually the word’s leading exporter of drone technology, with the UK, the US and several other NATO countries already deploying Israeli made drones around the world while others clamour to buy them. Meanwhile, Israeli arms dealers crudely boast how they’re ‘battle tested’ already. If the technology is so great how do you keep hitting civilians? If that’s not enough Israel continues to buy up the most advanced conventional weaponry it can , most notably from the UK and the US.

The more I try to keep up with the increasing complexity of how Israel remains defiant in the face of the international community the more I become completely disillusioned with the entire conflict. Israel may be nice enough to ask the Palestinians to leave their homes while they conduct ground and air attacks in certain zones, but where the are they supposed to go?


Hamas has been accused of corruption and channelling aid money into arms and tunnel digging which I’m sure is somewhat true, but how long are they supposed to wait for the political option to work before they once again become fed up with the acutely institutionalized disregard for Palestinian life throughout the West. Israel deems Hamas a terrorist organisation, without drawing the same comparisons from their own acts of terror.

Historically the Jewish people have been persecuted for millennia, but how much longer can they pour scorn on the international communities guilt? Surely the moral grounds for their continued incursion into the occupied territories should erode as steadily as the civilian death toll rises. Is it any wonder ant-Semitism is on the rise?

If anything the protests around the world in the last few weeks, the people occupying the arms factory in Birmingham, the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who poured onto the streets including Arabs, Jews and Israeli citizens gives me some hope that a solution is possible.

But, I fear the recent conflict and increased awareness of the Palestinian cause will reside like the coverage from our TV screens, which for Israel will mean a quiet return to the norm, and for the Palestinian people… the same cruel blockade.

Israel may not fund the History Channel, but constant references to the Jewish people’s own exile, persecution and attempted systematic destruction does not make watching Israel inflicting the same on the Palestinians any easier to justify or to watch.

In fact, the inhumanity of it all makes me just want to turn over.