What’s happening then?

This hilarious and epic tale is set in HonnoujiAcademy where the student council rule with an iron fist and if you’re not with them, you’re nothing. Only students who work under the student council are given special uniforms called Goku Uniforms which bestow upon the wearer super human and ridiculous powers.

The higher up the social food chain you are the more powerful a uniform you get and at the head of it all is student council president Satsuki Kiryuin. Her mother is head of the school board of directors which means Satsuki gets to run the school as she pleases, which is strictly. Any students who aren’t considered worthy of a Goku uniform are pretty much considered fodder for those who are.

What’s the story?

Ryuko Matoi is a transfer student looking to avenge her estranged father’s murder. The only clue she has is a large sword in the shape of a scissor blade, which was the murder weapon she found in her father’s chest, and the silhouette of the murderer carrying the other half of the scissor blade. Her search brings her HonnoujiAcademy where she immediately butts heads with the school council. When Matoi brings out her blade Satsuki recognizes it and asks where she got it from.

This convinces Matoi and Satsuki either is her father’s killer or at least knows who it is. This kicks off the first battle between Matoi and the student council and, after getting her arse handed to her, she ends up at her old house where she finds a sailor uniform that comes to life when it drinks her blood.

The uniform puts itself on her and gives her incredible powers like the Goku uniforms but intensely more powerful but is comically skimpy making everyone think she is an exhibitionist. With this super powerful and pervy living uniform she fights her way through anything in her way to get to Satsuki and her father’s killer.

Is it awesome?

This is fantastic fun to watch; clearly no idea was too ridiculous when it came to the enemies Matoi has to fight. The art and animation styles are clever, imaginative and very funny. The fight scenes are extremely well animated and the story keeps getting better and better. Unless you smoke the same thing the writers do I can pretty much guarantee you won’t guess where the story leads. It’s BATSHIT crazy is the point I’m trying to make.

It revolves around a conscious sailor uniform that feeds on blood and transforms into living armour that covers practically nothing. The only bad thing is I’m sure I’m not explaining properly and I’m not sure anyone can, it’s that nuts. Watch Kill la Kill if you want something packed with crazy, over the top action and a completely daft but funny story that’s not overly taxing but still highly enjoyable. Oh yeah and it’s definitely not for the little ones.

By the way, it also features a pug in sweater. If that’s not incentive enough you have no soul.