If you are reading this festival review now, and you couldn’t imagine sun ever emerging from the gloomy clouds above, then you think I may have taken some loopy medicine for the day. Indeed, this had the perfect Balearic sunshine for this two-day festival!

On the face of it, I was excited about the parklife weekender festival. Earmarked sun, a decent line-up, close to Liverpool, no camping, Jurassic 5 one of the headliners. However, it was like a double-edged sword this festival.

The sun made the festival, especially in regards the outside stages! How happy can you be listening to mc’s, dubstep, garage and house music in the sun, with 5,000 gurning people at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon – I would say really happy. These are indeed the positive thing’s I will look back on in 5 years. Certainly not, the hideous overcrowding of tents when main-acts where on, badly arranged site; and massive queues for bars, buses and also to get into the festival site!

Leaving the festival, My tongue said that I had a good time to my photographer. However there was too many niggles leaving a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, to ever proclaim that this is a must-see festival. If they remedy some of the problems  – probably due to  moving to a new site – then Parklife 2014 could be a serious contender for the festival calendar.