Dear Diary,

Today is a bad day… but today will be known as the birth of something new. Something bigger than you or I.

I find out that we’re not beyond the age of the fascist. While nation beating traditionalists are still around, their numbers dwindle but I speak not of them.  The fascist mentality still exists, elsewhere, in fact its influence grows, the modus operandi now amended.

The new fascist speaks of nutrition. They speak the language of food, barking factoids and anachronisms. My this, my that. Salvation through Veganism. Totalitarian diet dictum. Dialogue boiled down to monologue, meal rhetoric and self-interest.

When once, running around and not eating too much were sufficient to keep healthy, this new breed of fascist has brought pseudo-science to our lives. Like the Nazi and eugenics before them – this person speaks the language of super foods, quantified health and a scepticism towards evidence based science. They only have a single topic conversation, a singular incessant voice and a intolerable disdain for those that don’t abide.

Fellow revolutionaries, we still have an advantage. Like all extreme right-wing political groups they’re still fractured and not under the one unified voice. They all speak of life choices but which life choices? As they currently stand:

Supplement Folk




Yoga Folk

Gym rats





Vegans again

Juicers – I can’t emphasise the dangers of these

Nut allergists

Raw Fooders

No one need listen to the inane jabber of those who claim to have found the one true diet! No longer need you suffer from their stringent conversational steer. The shame of it all, these people train not for sport, or more appropriately, they train for the sport of evangelism and conversion rather than Togger and racket sports. Let us free them from the tyranny of their ideology and in turn live peaceful, interesting lives. This and this alone is the cause for our fight!

I say we lead the charge against this modern tyranny. Let me know with who your support lies! I shall have the butler clear my schedule, take the quinoa off the boil and cancel my spinning class because tonight, we ride.

Kind regards,

The Revolutionary