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Articles tagged "art"


Up North  •  September 19, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

TWT: A Celebration Of Politics, Art, Culture And Community

The World Transformed comes to Liverpool next weekend aiming to promote a radical, positive vision for the future, with a celebration of politics, art, music, culture and community. The festival will run alongside the Labour Party Conference, from the23rd – 27th of September and will be hosted by a coalition of grassroots groups and Momentum. It will be held…


Art  •  September 2, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Blue Collar Handjob

From the 1930s depression right through up until the digital age, Brui’s Blue Collar Handjob exhibition draws on personal written journals to explore themes around the beauty of struggle. Home after a successful show at Serigraffeur gallery in Berlin, Brui has returned to the cafe space at Constellations in Liverpool. Brui is the studio moniker of local…


Art  •  September 2, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Gender Dilemmas

Amanda Maria Atkinson’s exhibition is a timely contribution to the topic of gender performativity at a time when the city has become a haven for stag and hen nights. You only have to walk around Concert Square and Seel Street to see these gender binaries played out in a rather unflattering fashion. Amanda is a…


Music  •  July 22, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Beatherder 2016: Quiet Bat People

What I like about Beatherder is that after six visits there was still new things I’d never seen before, I think (…they may or may not have been new). But that’s its charm – its attention to detail. It’s won awards. It was full of familiar faces from years gone by, and there’s a reason people keep coming…

road_cinmema_april2nd2016 (1 of 1)

Art  •  April 6, 2016  •  by Kirsten Hawkins

Threshold 2016: Shying Away From The Well Known

It wasn’t a typical Saturday 2nd April as the Baltic Quarter of Liverpool was taken over by numerous bands, acts and artworks for the sixth annual Threshold Festival. With a buzz in the air you could almost taste, the roads surrounding Jamaica Street were thriving with visitors of all ages and backgrounds, orbiting an indiscernible epicentre of…

Chanel & the Circus

Music  •  March 31, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

“Eventually We’re Going To Start Revolutions”: Chanel & The Circus

Chanel Samson is a Californian born, couch-hopping, LIPA graduate. Chanel splits most of her time between Liverpool and London. Either hosting her cabaret show, The Secret Circus or touring with her band, Chanel & The Circus – a band she describes, “Metric meets Gwen Stefani meets some other punk band”. The band are currently recording an album with their producer…

Joe King copy2

The Arbiter  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Kev McCready

The 800lb Gorilla

I love art. When I arrive in a new city, I check the shower works in my hotel and bin the piss-poor Twinings tea by the kettle. Then, I find out where the nearest gallery is. I’ve spent a whole day checking out The Prado in Madrid, marvelling at a variety of pictures; generally only…

tentacle lord tentacles tentacle rape hard nipples panties underwear anime girl hentai

The Arbiter  •  November 10, 2014  •  by David Hazlewood

Why Tentacle Porn Should Be A Legitimate Art Form

At Managed Decline, we’ve always endorsed the murky depths of tentacle porn, but usually in the form of poetry as not to offend middle management types who distribute funding to start-up businesses. Now, with funding secured coupled with a pragmatic acknowledgement that our tentacle based pieces have some of the highest views on the website, it’s time we give credit…

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray and Blue, 1921.

Art  •  August 6, 2014  •  by Stephanie Whalley


Piet Mondrian – the man, the legend; modern art renegade and latest muse for Tate Liverpool’s most recent paying exhibition. This Dutch prodigy changed the face of abstract art at the beginning of the 20th Century and certainly pulled me through an art exam during my last year at high school. Recognised by everyone from…