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Articles tagged "burlesque"

Secret Circus

Culture  •  November 23, 2016  •  by Kirsten Hawkins

The Secret Circus: Back From Edinburgh

Managed Decline sent Kirsten Hawkins out to see what was going on Duke St in the most inconspicuous of places. It took a while to find the Secret Circus – It certainly seemed esoteric and underground judging by the “Car Park” space in Duke Street. Many of us have to be forgiven for seeking out…

burlesque cartoon

On Stage  •  August 19, 2013  •  by Nasreen Hasan

Girls With Balls

This has been no ordinary Tuesday or Thursday night at 81 Renshaw. No sir’ree. For the last ten weeks ten girls have been learning how to embrace Burlesque by twenty two year old Mimi Amore. Girls with balls were here. The final performance was indeed a delight. Claps and cheers were randily provoked and encouraged…