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Articles tagged "comedy"

Laughter Locker

Culture  •  November 27, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Dead Comfy Sofas And Cheese – Laughter Locker

Managed Decline sat down with the ladies behind one of Liverpool’s newest comedy nights, Laughter Locker, in advance of their November event. Northern Irish native, Cash Boyle, & East Midlands girl, Kate Jackson, have come together to create one of the city’s newest and most exciting comedy nights. Set in the atmospheric basement bar, Kabinett, amongst chesterfields and…

Secret Circus

Culture  •  November 23, 2016  •  by Kirsten Hawkins

The Secret Circus: Back From Edinburgh

Managed Decline sent Kirsten Hawkins out to see what was going on Duke St in the most inconspicuous of places. It took a while to find the Secret Circus – It certainly seemed esoteric and underground judging by the “Car Park” space in Duke Street. Many of us have to be forgiven for seeking out…


Culture  •  November 17, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Hot Water Comedy Club – Making Liverpool Laugh 7 Days a Week

Our mates at Hot Water Comedy Club are close to opening Liverpool’s first purpose-built comedy venue running 7 nights a week. The new venue, located on Seel Street, will be a massive boost to the city’s comedy scene from a promoter that has already put a fair bit of graft. The promoters aim to open this side…

Liverpool Comedy Festival 2016

Culture  •  August 29, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Laugh it up: Liverpool Comedy Festival 2016

Liverpool Comedy Festival is back. From September 16th to October 2nd (with an additional gig on the 6th) catch some of the country’s finest talent – fresh from The Edinburgh Fringe – and some of Liverpool’s most interesting acts. Now in its 14th year, Liverpool Comedy Festival is growing from strength to strength. For two weeks,…


On Stage  •  July 5, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Fringe Previews – Unity Theatre

Across three days – 21-23 July – Liverpool’s Unity Theatre will play host to some leading comics on their run up to the Edinburgh Fringe. This preview season has become a staple of Unity’s summer programming, offering us a chance to see some of the country’s best acts before they go to the comedic marathon…


Gaming  •  January 13, 2015  •  by Greed Crow


Borderlands is about guns, treasure, monsters and futuristic wastelands, oh and more guns! You play one of four characters that represent the typical class options for this sort of game. Your chosen character arrives at the wasteland planet Pandora seeking fame, fortune and violence, hunting down the legendary and mysterious Vault – hidden somewhere on the planet. Of…


Gaming  •  April 9, 2014  •  by Greed Crow

South Park: The Stick of Truth

If I wrote HA five hundred times it would not adequately put across how funny this game is. South Park: The Stick of Truth is Bloody fantastic! It looks exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, like the TV series. A completely faithful reproduction which looks, moves and sounds just like it should and a must have…

Like Morrissey, if he let himself go.

Talkies  •  March 24, 2014  •  by Daniel Pearce

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle

I’d be remissed if I failed to admit, I feel under-qualified to write about comedian Stewart Lee. Perhaps best described as, the Morrissey of comedy, (not just because of his analogous ressemblance to the mopey musician) with his acerbic wit and intelligence, It feels as though only Stewart Lee himself, possesses the lexicon to provide…

Kill la Kill - 12 - Large 02

Talkies  •  March 5, 2014  •  by Greed Crow

Kill La Kill

What’s happening then? This hilarious and epic tale is set in HonnoujiAcademy where the student council rule with an iron fist and if you’re not with them, you’re nothing. Only students who work under the student council are given special uniforms called Goku Uniforms which bestow upon the wearer super human and ridiculous powers. The…