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Articles tagged "conjecture"


Gender Trouble  •  February 14, 2016  •  by Daisy Williams

What Is PMDD?

Here I am, in a Carcraft car park, somewhere off the M56. I am not entirely sure of how I got here. All I know is that somewhere along the familiar journey from Liverpool to Wales, returning home for a family sojourn I distractedly missed a turn off, and the rest unravelled from there. I…


The Self  •  February 2, 2016  •  by Kev McCready

The Goldilocks Principle

Truth is, everybody is gonna hurt you.  You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. – Bob Marley My romantic history is chequered, to say the least.  In my lifetime, I have been with someone a lot older, someone a lot younger, a stepdad, the other man and a house husband.  My sexual history…

beautiful south welsh streets

The Beaten Track  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Spencer Montagu

It Could Be Rotterdam Or Anywhere

As GVmag, we were often labelled anti-Liverpool, a tradition we’re set to keep up with Managed Decline. Except for Anti-Liverpool is the wrong term, isn’t it? It’s fierce pride, manifested in a want for improvements rather than simply tattooing a Liverbird on to a sagging left breast and harking back to past glories. It’s accepting…

Joe King copy2

The Arbiter  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Kev McCready

The 800lb Gorilla

I love art. When I arrive in a new city, I check the shower works in my hotel and bin the piss-poor Twinings tea by the kettle. Then, I find out where the nearest gallery is. I’ve spent a whole day checking out The Prado in Madrid, marvelling at a variety of pictures; generally only…

Liverpool Mayor edit

Echo Chamber  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Is It Time To Boycott The Liverpool Echo?

While the press in the UK is free from government interference, it’s become increasingly controlled by a small number of shadowy politically motivated individuals, the kind who would rather you gawped at a giant mechanical spider, than wonder what else they could’ve spent that money on. The city’s local tabloid is the Liverpool Echo. On…


The Revolutionary  •  May 21, 2015  •  by The Revolutionary

Let’s Talk Fascism

Dear Diary, Today is a bad day… but today will be known as the birth of something new. Something bigger than you or I. I find out that we’re not beyond the age of the fascist. While nation beating traditionalists are still around, their numbers dwindle but I speak not of them.  The fascist mentality still…


The Fan  •  May 21, 2015  •  by Kev McCready


‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’. – LP Hartley. Like most people in Liverpool, I can remember where I was when they won the Champions League in 2005.  Due to poor booking skills and a dire need for a holiday, I was in my hotel room in Berlin.  I watched open-mouthed,…


The Revolutionary  •  January 26, 2015  •  by Katy Murphy

As Queer As A Clockwork Orange

Were the words Anthony Burgess overheard in a London pub before WW1. They fascinated him with the strange image of a mechanism powering a living being and how the internal cogs of people are artificially engineered too. What followed post-war was one of the most influential and empathetic novels about the conflict of freewill. Later,…


The Revolutionary  •  January 26, 2015  •  by Stephen Delahunty

We’re Still Scared Of Dr Strangelove

Dr Strangelove is a speculative masterpiece, an eiree depiction of what might happen within the council of the President of the United States should some lone cowboy suddenly order a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. It is probably the most incisive satirical portrayal of the absurdity of fear, one that pervades the institutional decision making process. It’s…


Talkies  •  January 7, 2015  •  by David Hazlewood

The Dark Side Of World Cinema – Irreversible (2002)

Gaspar Noe’s unflinching thriller, Irreversible, has always been in my top three favourite films ever since I stumbled across it while doing ‘research’ for a project at college. I hate comparing films to art but this film is a work of art in it’s own way. The story follows Marcus (Vincent Cassell), and his friend Pierre (Albert Dupontel )…