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Articles tagged "EU"


Dissenters  •  December 22, 2016  •  by Marin Medved

Brexit Britain: What Has Actually Happened So Far? Or what hasn’t?

Ask a pointless question, and you will get a pointless answer. What is the point of an extensive, sector-by-sector assessment of what impact Brexit has made on the UK so far? Concrete consequences of a ‘once in a generation decision’ are yet to unfold. Every elaborate analysis cannot escape a directionless over-interpretation. The mere idea of asking…

Mayor of London Boris Johnson after he gets stuck on a zip-line during BT London Live in Victoria Park

The Revolutionary  •  July 4, 2016  •  by The Revolutionary

Who Are You Going To Blame Now?

Sovereignty, a word thrown around with gay abandon in the build up to the recent In/Out referendum means nothing. The EU didn’t impair any sovereignty of this country, but it’s easier to use grandiose words to help ensure that the impaired think they understand something. When Britain has voted against 2% of the laws that…

Vietnam xenophile

Dissenters  •  June 11, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Love Not Hate: I Am A Xenophile

Sitting, eating alone surrounded by Thai people, I begin racking my brain at what the opposite of a racist is, when naturally the answer is… Just normal. Not sure why it comes to mind but I just feel more comfortable here than I would eating alone at home (which doesn’t really phase me either). But…


Conjecture  •  June 8, 2016  •  by Spencer Montagu

Undemocratic EU? More Like Feckless MEPs…

“The EU is undemocratic bureaucrats deciding everyone’s future without consent or control.” There is a long argument to be had with many things in this composite statement of peoples’ feeling towards the EU, notably the anti-democratic area. If you believe, Britain, with it’s bizarre first past the post system of voting is truly democratic then…