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Articles tagged "performance"

Chanel & the Circus

Music  •  March 31, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

“Eventually We’re Going To Start Revolutions”: Chanel & The Circus

Chanel Samson is a Californian born, couch-hopping, LIPA graduate. Chanel splits most of her time between Liverpool and London. Either hosting her cabaret show, The Secret Circus or touring with her band, Chanel & The Circus – a band she describes, “Metric meets Gwen Stefani meets some other punk band”. The band are currently recording an album with their producer…


Gender Trouble  •  November 5, 2013  •  by Isaac Simpson

Banksy Versus Hayden Panettiere

The above two images make the same basic statement about corporatocracy. Here’s Hayden Panettiere enjoyin some of Burger King’s new satisfries, just totally at random.   How weird that a paparazzi would catch her at such a photogenic moment. The media and Panettiere’s publicist say that she just enjoys the fries, and isn’t getting paid…


The Self  •  September 16, 2013  •  by Holly Green

Post-Disney Sexual Anarchy

For the past few weeks, no news forum – paper or electronic – has been free of the rumours of Miley Cyrus’s impending collapse into sexual anarchy. From the gossip pages of The Sun (which is, come to think of it, most of The Sun’s pages) to the more genteel corners of The Guardian blogs,…

burlesque cartoon

On Stage  •  August 19, 2013  •  by Nasreen Hasan

Girls With Balls

This has been no ordinary Tuesday or Thursday night at 81 Renshaw. No sir’ree. For the last ten weeks ten girls have been learning how to embrace Burlesque by twenty two year old Mimi Amore. Girls with balls were here. The final performance was indeed a delight. Claps and cheers were randily provoked and encouraged…