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Articles tagged "politics"


The Revolutionary  •  December 6, 2016  •  by Marin Medved

The US Election Will Be 2016’s Most Popular Fiction Piece

You do not have to declare yourself a die-hard film fan, or even a Die Hard fan, to be fully acquainted with this year’s record-breaking blockbuster. Research by the Center For Responsive Politics (CRP) estimated in October that this year’s election would top a record breaking £6.6 billion, with Clinton and Trump alone – at that point…


Up North  •  September 19, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

TWT: A Celebration Of Politics, Art, Culture And Community

The World Transformed comes to Liverpool next weekend aiming to promote a radical, positive vision for the future, with a celebration of politics, art, music, culture and community. The festival will run alongside the Labour Party Conference, from the23rd – 27th of September and will be hosted by a coalition of grassroots groups and Momentum. It will be held…

Mayor of London Boris Johnson after he gets stuck on a zip-line during BT London Live in Victoria Park

The Revolutionary  •  July 4, 2016  •  by The Revolutionary

Who Are You Going To Blame Now?

Sovereignty, a word thrown around with gay abandon in the build up to the recent In/Out referendum means nothing. The EU didn’t impair any sovereignty of this country, but it’s easier to use grandiose words to help ensure that the impaired think they understand something. When Britain has voted against 2% of the laws that…


Up North  •  May 5, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Homeless Activists Call Out Cabinet Minister For Housing

Cllr Frank Hont, the Cabinet Minister for Housing, recently rubbished a 6,000-strong petition to house the city’s homeless people in empty buildings, describing the idea as “ill-informed” without presenting any evidence to the contrary. Moreover, actual evidence suggests that far from being “ill-informed” – it is a model that has worked successfully across the world –…

Mayor of Liverpool Anderson in the streets of Wavertree

Up North  •  May 3, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Mayor Spends £2.2 Million On Consultants

A Freedom Of Information (FOI) request by Managed Decline has revealed that Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has spent over £2.2m on consultants since the council switched to the Mayor-led model in 2012. Information on the councils spending prior to this model is hard to come by as it is clothed in ‘commercial confidentiality’, but another FOI…


Up North  •  April 22, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Why Is Assistant Mayor Nick Small Standing Up For McDonalds?

News that the Labour party has banned McDonalds from having a stall at its conference in Liverpool this year was unsurprisingly attacked in the right wing press, and by Assistant Mayor Nick Small. The fast-food chain wanted to have a display at this autumn’s Labour conference, the £30,000 reportedly offered would have been a nice little earner for the party,…


Up North  •  March 15, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Should We Care What Birkenhead MP Frank Field Thinks?

Writing in the New Statesman recently, Birkenhead MP Frank Field has called for Labour to elect a new leader before the next general election. Despite Labour’s current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, winning by the largest mandate ever afforded a Labour leader, in Mr Field’s eyes he is not a “prime minister in waiting”. He holds this…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Up North  •  March 13, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

“People Would Fume If You Lobbed A Dog Onto A BBQ”: Victoria Mesham

Victoria Mesham, is a 24 year old hip hop fan, and self-proclaimed “chilling animal rights activist.” A proud vegan for two and a half years, Miss Mesham and a friend decided to set up the Liverpool Vegan Advocacy Group to raise awareness in the city. You may have noticed several members of the group protesting outside Primark on Church…


Up North  •  February 16, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

Brexit Would Cost £6.5 Billion In Lost Trade With Ireland

Yesterday, Dan Mulhall, the Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain discussed the implications for British-Irish relations of a possible Brexit. Speaking at the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery and Museum, its Gothic style, elaborate brickwork, and Italian mosaic paved interior provided an elaborate setting for the Ambassador’s talk. With British-Irish trade up 15% last year, amounting to…

paul collier

Books  •  February 13, 2016  •  by Stephen Delahunty

The Bottom Billion

While a fall in global poverty has been met starkly with a huge rise in inequality in recent years, the world’s poorest remain stuck in several traps; conflict, resources, landlocked by unruly neighbours and bad governance. Paul Collier’s book – the Bottom Billion – looks to change the we understand these traps, with a focus on how and why poverty…