The World Transformed comes to Liverpool next weekend aiming to promote a radical, positive vision for the future, with a celebration of politics, art, music, culture and community.

The festival will run alongside the Labour Party Conference, from the23rd – 27th of September and will be hosted by a coalition of grassroots groups and Momentum. It will be held in the city’s much loved Black-E building, which combines a contemporary arts centre with a community centre. And itself has a rich tradition of social justice activism, organising protests against public spending cuts to the arts, and fighting for women’s rights.

Momentum, was set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s first Labour leadership victory last year to promote his policies and values. Their aim is to strengthen the Labour Party by increasing participation and engagement at local, regional and national levels, and are committed to supporting the Labour Party winning elections and entering government.

There will be over 200 hours of workshops, talks, art exhibitions, gigs and cultural events. Including talks by Shadow Chancellor and MP John Mcdonnel, co-leader of the Green party and MP Caroline Lucas, journalist Paul Mason and Second World War veteran, writer and political commentator Harry Leslie Smith.

There will be the opportunity to watch the Labour leader election result live, and the festival will close with a gig on Tuesday 27th September by local all female electro-pop trio Stealing Sheep.

The vast majority of the festival will be free to attend. All of the festival will be open to the public. Information on tickets, accommodation and transport can be found here.