“The EU is undemocratic bureaucrats deciding everyone’s future without consent or control.”

There is a long argument to be had with many things in this composite statement of peoples’ feeling towards the EU, notably the anti-democratic area. If you believe, Britain, with it’s bizarre first past the post system of voting is truly democratic then by all means vote to leave the EU. If you accept that a party without the majority of the public’s vote should be in power then, I’m not sure we agree on what democracy is, but…

I can’t really stand this strand of argumentation – around this undemocratic faceless bureaucrats within the EU. Presumably you know all of the civil servants, consultants and advisers working at Whitehall? The educated people behind the scenes who’ve actually studied in the area their minister’s purport to lead. How much does a PPE grad know about transport, say?

The British wanting to leave the EU on democratic grounds is a country simply shooting itself in the foot because:

  • The British system isn’t exactly the height of democracy.
  • And, crucially, MEPs are voted in. The European Parliament is an entirely democratic parliament (in fact it’s second biggest after India’s).

It is a democratic process, admittedly one that should probably work better but one that we should be quite proud of. Yet the country turns around and votes for MEPs from feckless parties like UKIP, who wilfully take their portion of the trillions we pay to the EU whilst not attending their parleys/sessions/hearings etc. Those we ask to dictate our path in the EU simply don’t do it. This is much like those memes of the House of Commons filled to the brim when the topic concerned was their pay but subsequently only an 1/8 full when it was to do with disability cuts or something of public importance. Except – in this case – the veracity of the claim is without question unlike with those House of Commons images.

It’s not just the smaller parties too, the major parties don’t see the roles of MEPs as important and therefore weaker candidates are pushed into those positions and act similarly to the anti-EU parties (who are – in theory – are at least standing by their moral position by opposing the EU process…whilst at the same time being flagrant hypocrites about it). The same is true of other right-wing/nationalist parties and MEPs across the EU. They treat the parliament with little more than contempt and as a meal ticket. This all leads to countries like Germany, the Benelux area, and France – to a lesser extent – simply getting their way because they take it seriously.

As Brexiters love to shout about we’re the second biggest economy in EU, we could pretty much get what we wanted from them if we left. No, we could pretty much get what we want from them now, if we had the parliamentarians who would do their job. As it stands, Germany has the most MEPs with France, the UK, and Italy on a pretty even keel in second place. All this could happen but we have to take it seriously and change it, not vote in fuckers who fall asleep on the job.

Sure, the EU doesn’t work all that well at times but we’re looking to point the finger at everyone else’s involvement within it and not our own. If the country had voted for people who stamped their feet a little harder and looked after British interests in this establishment – which I do believe has done far more good than bad in our modern Europe – we wouldn’t have to scare the whole country into voting one way or the other and lord knows the entire debate has been one based on fear.

Perhaps the issue is not so much that the EU is undemocratic, but that it’s too democratic. We have people invested in themselves looking to make a career in politics rather than genuinely caring about their country and its inhabitants. They’re marketers who know how to say the right thing to get elected but then subsequently not follow through. They know how to do elections, per se, but not the job and frankly, I’d rather the opposite. This is sadly true of UK politics too (and undoubtedly politics abroad). So go ahead vote out if that’s what your gut is telling you – it’s the most reliable thing you’ve got to go on at the moment – but the same sorts of people who fill the chambers in Brussels fill those in the UK. Except the EU has a proven history of being a support network to help the little guy – an extra safety net – when the little guy has been ignored at home.